Balázs Krucsó

kep_3Balázs was born in 1979 in Mezőhegyes, Hungary to a family with strong equestrian tradition. His father, Ferenc Krucsó is a well-known show jumping competitor and coach, who took part in the 1980 Olympic Games in Hungarian colours. His mother, Erzsébet Gergely, has also been riding since her childhood, and she too used to compete in show jumping. Maternal grandfather, Imre Gergely was the “horse stirpiculturist” of the State Stud of Mezőhegyes, that is, he led the horse breeding programme for over 35 years at the State Stud. His brother, Szabolcs Krucsó is also an internationally renowned show jumping rider.

Balázs and his elder brother Szabolcs grew up in Mezőhegyes and under the guidance of their father, started riding at a very early age. At the age of 16, Balázs was sent to Germany to further hone his riding skills. He got a place in Peter Schütte’s riding centre in Löhne, Northern-Germany where his brother had also ridden. Balázs spent 3 years there and from the early stages he was given a lot of opportunity to compete. He finished his studies in Warendorf, “the town of horses”.

He came back to Hungary for a few years to continue his career with his brother at the B&H Lovasklub, a private stables, which at the end of the 90s provided almost unparalleled conditions for the young Krucsó brothers.

Following the years in Szeged, Szabolcs and Balázs worked in Germany where they rode and competed with horses of different owners and also started trading horses. They participated in numerous competitions achieving great results. The brothers parted ways though; Szabolcs came back to Hungary, while Balázs decided to continue his career in Germany.

In the early 2000s he got a place in the Höcker family’s stables, where, together with his future wife, managed the stables, trained young horses, and competed very successfully with many main track horses. At this time he met Kurt Nagel, the owner of one of Germany’s biggest logistics companies, who became his enthusiastic and very generous sponsor. As well as riding at the family riding centre, he became the number one rider of the Nagel stables, which helped him achieve further great results in Germany and internationally too.

In 2013 Balázs started his own stables in Bissendorf, near Osnabrück, Germany that he also manages to this day.

For more than ten years he has almost continually been a member of the Hungarian team, winning Nations Cup events and participating in five European Championships. He has won over 100 international Grand Prix events.

From his marriage, Balázs has two children: Luis, born in 2002 and Lea born in 2004. With his current partner Johanna, they have two younger children, Ida, born in 2010 and Emil, born in 2013.


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