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The Krucsó brothers own two independent riding centres; Szabolcs manages his one in the Váli valley, near Budapest, while Balázs’s is in Bissendorf, Northern-Germany, but despite the distance they work closely together.

_V3B5930_sSzabolcs Krucsó, at his riding centre in the Váli valley deals mainly in training, managing and trading horses, as well as riding them at competitions, though naturally there is a possibility to board horses too. Szabolcs personally plans, manages and supervises the feeding, tending and daily training of the horses.

To reach the Krucsó sport stables, leave the M7 motorway at the km 35 exit, named “Váli völgyi pihenő” then drive towards Baracska and the road takes you straight to the stables.

Upon reaching the gates you will immediately see the stables, beyond which a landscape protection area stretches out as far as the eye can see. The 5-acre-area behind the riding courses is bounded by a stream, making it an excellent location for cross country riding.

The riding centre facilities include indoor and outdoor courses too. The outdoor course is bounded by a hill; the pens have been set up behind it, at the back of the plot. The course is in the lee, fitted with drain pipes and an automated sprinkler system and has excellent soil.

The 60 metre-long covered stables has spacious 3.5m wide boxes, three saddlers, two indoor rubber-tiled hoof washers, and an oat crimper with a dust exhaust to provide comfort for horses and riders. There is direct access to the 25m x 50m indoor riding arena, with excellent quality special geotextile riding surface. The daily exercise of horses is aided by a rubber floored horse walker.

The spacious club room and the changing rooms are directly accessible from the stables. The stables can be walked round on a surfaced road, parking places are provided and the whole area is wheelchair accessible. For the comfort of our disabled visitors, there is a special accessible toilet as well. The buildings are protected by a laser corridor alarm system.

Balázs Krucsó’s riding centre is located in Bissendorf, next to Osnabrück, Germany, in tranquil and beautiful woodlands. Balázs mainly deals in training, competing with and trading show jumper horses. He also heartily undertakes the training of riders and prepping for show jumping competitions. There are 30 boxes in the stables, an indoor riding arena and an outdoor course both equipped with automated sprinkler systems and its soil is a high quality, special riding surface. The daily exercise of horses is aided by a rubber floored horse walker.


The work of the Krucsó brothers is helped by professional, highly experienced riders and grooms:

Attila Lóránt has long helped Szabolcs in his work, excelling mainly in training young horses and prepping show jumpers for competitions. Started riding as a child, he has competed in the colours of Budapest Honvéd since the age of 14. He has participated in FEI European Eventing Championships for Young Riders & Juniors as a member of the Hungarian Team. He is a Hungarian Young Rider champion and has won a breeders’ competition with a young horse. He has worked in a number of stables as site manager and helped organise competitions.

Barbara Karlecz has been the first helper and horse groom of Szabolcs and his family for years both at home and during competitions. After her final exams, Barbi studied and qualified as a groom at the Pettkó-Szandtner Tibor Lovas Szakképző Iskola in Bábolna.

Zsófia Sirokai has been riding since kindergarten. She rode at the Varga family until the age of 17, then for 5 years she was a rider for the Sáripuszta Stud. Afterwards she spent 4 years in Germany and one in Japan riding. She is a Junior Hungarian champion and won 3rd place in the adult Hungarian Championships, rode twice in the Nations Cup in Hungarian colours and has won breeders’ competitions with young horses. Despite her young age, she has extensive experience in riding at national and international competitions.

Orsolya Rózsa was born to a riding family, his father, István Rózsa, was a show jumping rider. She started competing as a child until reaching amateur level. Has worked as a rider and groom at the Sáripuszta Stud, then in Greece, where she competed as well. Later, Orsi went to the Belgian Philippaerts’ family stables, where as a rider for Nicolas Philippaerts she prepped the horses for the most renowned show jumping events. Orsi is a highly experienced rider, who performs the highest quality training work.

Zsófia Kafka, one of Hungary’s most distinguished and national team member show dressage rider, cooperates with the Krucsó Stables when her time and schedule permit.



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